Where did that week go?

Posted: 15th July 2017

Last weekend I foolishly injured myself  , shifting heavy things. DOH! So sorry i havent been in the studio getting orders out. I'm slowly getting back on my feet. Sorry the Glasto orders  have taken so long, the printers have had issue with their machines, something out of my control. I never rains but it pours!

However we have everything here in stock now. So my partner and I are wrapping and rolling. are in over the weekend. ( I am making him do the work as I type & drink tea! )A1 and A2 prints are on the way to you now. Canvases are being wrapped today and out today or monday morning.

Sorry again for the delay. I hope they bring back all those fabulous memories.

For more updates please check my facebook page, thanks 

Where did that week go?