Hi, my name's Kate, and I'm a paintaholic.

I just can't stop! I think I might pop!

I can't help myself...day-dreaming & doodling, pondering & painting, sketching, scratching & scribbling on whatever is to hand. I don't think I've a problem, but everyone tells me I'm just 'in denial'. But, "I like it in here," I say.

Come see for yourself – this place is full of charismatic cows, ewenique sheep, painted ponies & dapper dogs, wicked fairies & mad, mad mermaids. Who are the Worthy Girls, and where do they go every summer? Where were you for that matter? Pilton Pop? Latitude Festival? At the horse trials?

So, come on in, have a browse around, and see if you can't find something you like. (And remember, by buying my art, you will of course be helping to free me from the chains of a terribly debilitating addiction, ahem...).

Have you seen my new "Glasto Mug?" Tea & your favourite place! £15.00    inc P&P