About Me

Welcome to my little world, "where the grass is green and the cows are pretty!"

With a leg in each county, I have always been a Somerset, Dorset girl. Daddy was a farmer with dirty boots who trotted to the Ale house in a pony and trap! And Mummy was a hippy, who wore odd shoes (much to my classmates' amusement). She was forever staying up late, stitching and patching a new creation for the next morning! Grandma had a habit of collecting small spotted ponies. Brian the small spotted pony lives in the garden. What he likes the most is Jam on Toast!

And me? I'm "the fancy painter"! With plenty to inspire me, I have been doodling and scratching on things since I was a knee high – there are still pony scribbles racing along the battered skirting boards in my old room! Grandpa has a dazzling giant crayon clown saved from my primary school creations, Mum has bundles of paper scraps and treasured sketches. I've always loved imagining the next silly idea to make someone smile, (some of which are un-mentionable here!!).

I love to gallivant around in the Summer, selling my wares at fairs, festivals and shows, in fabulous shoes (or wellies) – painting, creating, crafting, elaborating or accessorising new things to tempt you all with! When the seasons change, I venture out to Winter fairs in posh palaces, or Christmas markets on the frosty streets of Bath and Taunton. All wrapped up in lots of clothes, trying to avoid frost bitten toes....

To keep myself warm and stretch the limbs, I love stomping over Dorset hills with Pepper Puppy, my "Man", Mr Prickles. (he's a very nice man!) and the prince of the castle, "Woody Ray". What I like the most is gripping tight on my plump pony, scrabbling through overgrown bridle paths in search of a new adventure.

But "when do you paint?" I hear you cry...
"I never stop," comes my reply!
I paint at home looking over a Dorset landscape, on a train, on the road, in the saddle, in a field, on the streets, at a festival...........even in the shadow of the main stage! I just can't help myself you see...and I'm always on the lookout for my next fix!