‘New Baby Stork Personalised illustration’

Inspired by a new born to the family.  Alexander Raffan Chidley

Personalised stork and baby illustration. 

The new born babies' name, date of birth & weight can be handwriiten on to this print for the perfect gift.

Storks have been revered in Europe since the Middle Ages. Their association with babies and birth announcements originates many centuries ago in legend and lore native to northern Germany. One popular stork tale revolves around the folk legend that the souls of unborn children live in watery areas such as marshes, wells, springs and ponds. Since storks visit such habitats frequently, they were believed to fetch babies’ souls and deliver them to their parents.

Orignal watercolour 25 x 25 cm £150.00, I can illustatrate the baby blanlet to any colour of your choice. Can be framed too, please ask for details.

Personalsied prints  20 x 20 cm £45.00

Mounted, framed print measures 30 x 40 cm 

FROM £45.00

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