It has to be said, we do get about a bit...

And when we do, we do so under the guise of "Castles in the Sky". That's me, Kate, the fancy painter, "him indoors" (Mr Prickles), and of course there's Pepper Puppy (but she usually stays home with Granny Lel). We rope in loved ones too - “my Mum” does all the fiddly bits. Thanks Mum.

Off we go: sizzling summers, windy weekends, come rain or snow. Pitching up and roping down our own cosy, carpeted gallery-in-a-field, with a travelling sofa, and a standard lamp to boot. We aim to make you smile, and entertain you all - from tiny tots to giant silly kids. (But us, we’re grown-up proper adults, of course ;)

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